Ryan: Tax Reform Could Take Longer Than Health Care


House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Wednesday that efforts at tax reform will take longer to accomplish than repealing and replacing Obamacare. The American Health Care Act, the intended replacement for Obamacare, did not go to the floor for a vote as congressional Republicans realized they did not have the votes for it last month. Ryan acknowledged on Wednesday that Congress and the White House were closer to a consensus on health care than they are currently on tax reform.

“The House has a [tax reform] plan but the Senate doesn’t quite have one yet. They’re working on one. The White House hasn’t nailed it down,” Ryan said. “So even the three entities aren’t on the same page yet on tax reform,” he added. Read more.



  1. There should be no taxes under $100,000! Its very simple. Cut taxes and people will have enough money to live.

  2. You have to remember Ryan and Boehner were complicit with Obama what ever he did, so I don’t see Ryan that enthusiastic about changing or even letting Obamacare go. What ever Ryan does it will always be like a Obamacare, but only slightly different. Since only a few would want to rock the boat will go along so they can get along that is our congress now. People keep on voting for these people and guess what you will always get the same answer, Trump was a miscalculation to most, but all the rest as the same old same old, for nothing will be done again.


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