Ryan Reiterates Call For Roy Moore To Drop Out


Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday reiterated his call for Alabama GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore to drop out of the race over allegations of harassment and assault.

“I think he should have dropped out,” Ryan told reporters at his weekly news conference. “Just because the polling has changed doesn’t change my opinion on that, so I stand by what I said before.” Read more at The Hill.



  1. Ryan is suppressed. His way to the top was hampered. He did not have enough clout.

    Stoop low, just vote for a democrat. We might get some popular humor in office.

    • At least Ryan has principles. Would be nice to see some of our frum brethren be willing to stand up for what’s right, even if it means going against Rush and Hannity.

      • “Would be nice to see some of our frum brethren be willing to stand up for what’s right…”
        Or at least have the honesty to admit that the evidence of Moore’s ephebophilia and hebephilia is highly credible, but they feel he should be elected anyway, for various reasons (e.g. it happened a long time ago, President Trump’s agenda must be passed, etc).

  2. Ryan, if only you would be as clean as Moore. Why didn’t President Trump get rid of the swamp yet? What are RINOs like you still doing in office? For the record, these women admitted being paid to smear his name and should be jailed.

    • “For the record, these women admitted being paid to smear his name…”
      For the record, this is a flat-out lie, put out by fraudulent blogger accounts and spread by a disreputable web site. Google it, check Snopes and then use your common sense as to what’s believable.

    • From the little I know of Rep. Ryan, he’s a mentsch, a conservative and he has common sense. He impressed me as Romney’s running mate and hasn’t done or said anything since then to make me change my mind. Calling him a RINO, hippo or elephant doesn’t alter reality.

    • RINO = Republican in Name Only. Inother words, a fake Republican, but true Conservative. Unlike Hannity and co, who are true Republicans (wil defend any pervert with an R), but fake Conservatives (CINO?).

  3. LOL !!
    What great timing he has, just as he is reiterating his call for Moore to step aside, ABC news is reporting that Beverly Nelson finally admitted forging significant portions of the alleged Moore inscription in her yearbook. The silence from Gloria Aldred, her attorney, is deafening.

    Time for this swamp creature to go.

    • “…ABC news is reporting that Beverly Nelson finally admitted forging significant portions of the alleged Moore inscription in her yearbook.”
      Not quite.
      Here’s the quote from ABCnews: Moore has denied it’s his handwriting, and his campaign and attorney have called for her to release the yearbook so a handwriting expert can examine and evaluate it.
      Nelson has not done so but insists that Moore signed her yearbook, though saying she made notes underneath.

  4. He doesn`t really want him to pull out.
    He just wants to be able to say he was mocheh .
    Now that polls show the average person in Alabama could care less about the whining biased press and polls are strong for Moore he can do what this Rhino does so well play both sides of the fence.
    Remember he still has his eye on the white house .

  5. For all those who keep talking about RINOs, it’s quite obvious you are just drinking the Rush- Hannity kool aid. You have no idea what true conservatism is. And more important, you care more about RINOness than immorality. Give me morality, a politician with principles, over a ” true” republican any day. Rather be a RINO than the Bannon version of a Republican.

    • And you are drinking Obama-Clinton kool aid. As a liberal, you are the one that promotes perversion and immorality. You are a hypocrite.

      • You would sound so much smarter if you would simply try to understand what people are saying instead of just lashing out with the silly name calling.

        To wit:
        “As a liberal, you are the one that promotes perversion and immorality.”
        How and where has this poster identified as a liberal?

        “You are a hypocrite.”
        How so?
        Someone who claims to be “anti fat-cat” and then accepts a huge speaking fee for appearing before a business group is a hypocrite. Someone who claims to be a religious, moral person, yet abuses a young girl or subordinate in a disgusting manner is a hypocrite. Hillary Clinton, Roy Moore, Jim Bakker (remember him?) and Ted Kennedy all were guilty of hypocrisy for engaging in the very type of behavior they publicly condemned.
        What has this poster said or done that qualifies as hypocrisy?

        • Just a play out of the regular Hannity – Limbaugh playbook. Call everyone you disagree with a liberal. Never mind that the current president is a liberal, a former Hillary donor. Never mind that he himself thinks that marriage should be redefined. Never mind that he is against free trade. Never mind that he believes health care is the job of the government. It all doesn’t matter to Limbaugh and Hannity. If you dare to disagree with Trump them you are a lib. All those true conservative ideas that Hannity himself spent years defending, all those people that he spent years defending (such as Bush, Ryan, etc)- it doesn’t matter, because Trumpism isn’t logical.
          If disagreeing with Trump makes you a liberal, then call me a liberal. But if your definition of a true Republican is agreeing with Trump, then when Trump and Bernie both think that health care is the job of the government, does that make Bernie a true Republican?

  6. Morality is dead. It didn’t die when Obama got elected. It didn’t even die when the Supreme Court did their terrible recognition of Toeiva. What finished off morality was Trump inviting his friend from PayPal to speak by the GOP convention, and to publicly anounce that he practices toeiva. And the GOP crowd cheered. That point, when even the GOP was cheering for toeiva, marked the end of morality in the US.
    Thank you Trump, thank you Bannon, thank you Hannity.

    • Can’t expect a true morality from goyim. At least the Republicans don’t force the toeiva onto everyone else, while the Democrats do. If Democrats have their way, our yeshivos would be forced to promote toeiva. Can we live with that?

      • The point is that Democrats will have their way. As long as the current crop of Trump-Bannon-Hannity Republicans are in power, they will do nothing to stop the left from imposing their immorality on all of us. Do you think Moore will stand up for morality? And if he does, will anyone take him seriously? Will anyone seriously listen to anything the GOP says about morality when they have such a candidate? It will only make people more cynical about the GOP. If they truly believed in morality, Moore would have been gone a long time ago.
        I used to think the GOP was the party of morals. Now I know otherwise. The only question I have is if they just recently changed, or were they always like this. Did they impeach Clinton because they cared, or was it just politics? Wonder what you all think….

        • All I know that RINO’s, such as Ryan, will capitulate to DemocRatic bullies on issues of any importance. Honey Badgers of ideological conservatism, such as Moore, Bannon and Rush, are some of the few willing to take on the liberal-fascist venomous snakes. Trump may not be an ideological conservative, but he is worth his weight in gold for his fight against the Washington establishment and the liberal media. At any rate, we just lained about eishes Potifar, which is what allegations against Moore sound like.

          • Funny how you call Bannon an ideological conservative. You need to do some more reading, learn the ideology of conservatism, then see for yourself what Bannon’s ideology is. You will be in for a surprise.
            (Hint: Conservatism is an intellectual system, based on logic and rational thinking)

          • Eishes Potifar? Seriously? You think Moore is Yosef Hatzadik? Probably the best one I’ve heard yet….
            Hey, whatever works for you, as long as you make sure to keep believing in everything Rush says…..

          • “All I know that RINO’s, such as Ryan, will capitulate to DemocRatic bullies on issues of any importance.”
            Such as the time when Ryan introduced Obamacare repeal, only to be criticized bu Trump and the Dems for taking away people’s healthcare?
            Or the time when Ryan was trying to put out a conservative budget, only to have Trump go behind his back and strike a deal with his liberal friends Schumer and Pelosi?
            Quite obvious (at least to those who still think) who the real conservative is, and who the real lib is.

          • Dear Go Learn, are you suggesting that electing Pelosi’s puppet in Alabama is the “conservative” thing to do?! Are you suggesting that RINO’s are not DemocRats spelled with R, but are “conservative”?! Are you implying that if the fascists are being referred to as contemporary liberals, than RINO weasels can be referred to as conservatives?! I sure learned a lot about you.

          • Dear Wondering, Moore is definitely not Yosef Harzadik, and you are definitely not capable of reading comprehension. Let me explain in to you, slowly: just like eishes Potifar could allege something totally false, so can anyone else – hence, in order to weed out any possible false allegations, we employ presumption of innocence, we let the defence to cross examine the accusers, we call experts to verify if any writing(such as in a yearbook) is not forged, we let the defence to question the accusers credibility due to their political affiliations or financial rewards for their testimony.

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