Ryan Calls Pelosi’s Eight-hour Speech ‘Impressive’


House Speaker Paul Ryan complimented House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) stamina on Thursday, one day after she spoke for more than eight hours on the floor, setting a House record.

“My hat’s off to her. I don’t know that I could have hacked that for eight hours, so it was pretty darn impressive,” Ryan told reporters at a press briefing.

“I would have gone to the bathroom well before then, I gotta tell you,” he joked.

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  1. Impressive? How many minutes did he listen to her boring diatribe?
    What can be impressive about a woman standing 8 hours talking nonsense about the unconstitutional program DACA that Obama the traitor broke the law when he bypassed Congress, when she couldn’t even stand up for a moment nor applaud for the low black unemployment President Trump spoke about, for the millions of new jobs, for the American flag and national anthem. If anything, Pelosi is a shame to America and to the DNC.

    • Hello? Have you no sense of humor? Read what Ruyan said, and try to laugh. Remember, she’s not in power anymore, and enjoy the fact that she spent 8 hours darshening anout nothing

  2. Hey, Anonymous #1, the only impressive part was that she did it for 8 hours straight. Nothing else. He didn’t listen to her nor did anybody. Did you ever hear her? No one can physically listen to that voice for that long. Besides boring as anything she always blabbles but this time she went on straight for 8 hours! That’s impressive!
    Can you speak for that long especially when no one cares and no one is listening?

  3. The only impressive part of her speech was her bladder control. Otherwise, the text was prepared for an hour’s presentation, but she mistakenly repeated it eight times. Let’s not make fun of old age, now.

    • Yes, she will definitely get a contract from the Depends company. She would be a great spokesperson with this performance to prove it.


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