Ryan Calls On Maxine Waters To Apologize For Her Inflammatory Remarks


Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday called on Rep. Maxine Waters to apologize for urging supporters to “confront” and “harass” top Trump officials in restaurants and other public places.

“There is no place for this. She obviously should apologize,” Ryan told reporters at the Capitol.

“When we, in this democracy, are suggesting that because we disagree with each other’s political views and policy views and philosophical views, that we should resort to violence and harassment and intimidation, that’s dangerous for our society, that’s dangerous for our democracy,” Ryan continued. “She should apologize and there is just no place for that in our public discourse.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Apologize? Shouldn’t she be arrested for instigating violence on a President like she would’ve been had the President been black and the CIA’s option?

  2. Paul is a white racist and should be arrested for a hate crime. He’s only saying those nasty things against Congresswoman Waters because she is a woman of color. Mr. Ryan is signalling to his fellow white folks that they should go out and harm African-Americans. This should never be tolerated.

  3. Ryan should ask her to Resign!
    But he won’t ask her to resign because she’s black and he’s afraid of the Blacklash.
    Cluck, cluck, cluck cluck…………


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