Russian U.K. Embassy Blasts ‘Hapless’ Obama for ‘Cold War Déjà Vu,’ Vows Retaliation


Russia’s embassy in the United Kingdom blasted the Obama administration this afternoon after it was announced that the U.S. was imposing sanctions on Russia as retaliation for its cyberattacks that interfered in the U.S. presidential election, the Daily Beast reports.

“President Obama expels 35 [Russian] diplomats in Cold War deja vu. As everybody, including [American] people, will be glad to see the last of this hapless [administration],” the embassy’s official account tweeted, along with an accompanying image with the word “lame.” Earlier, the editor-in-chief of Russia Today, which is frequently criticized for pro-Kremlin and pro-Putin bias, mocked the U.S. for the sanctions, saying sarcastically: “Oh, I’m afraid.”

MOSCOW — The Kremlin on Friday issued a stark warning to the United States, saying it would respond in kind to the U.S. expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and other sanctions following the Russian hacking of U.S. political parties before the 2016 presidential elections.

“I cannot say now what the response will be, although, as we know, there is no alternative here to the principle of reciprocity,” said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a statement late Thursday evening reported by the Interfax news service.

He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would decide the exact response.

“The response will be formulated in a direction determined by the president of the Russia,” he said.


  1. Of course it wouldn’t be publicized but I cannot help but wonder whether or not the Russian military is on nuclear alert, especially since there are several weeks left and Hussein Obama has promised more, and other actions that will not be made public.

  2. Russia will immediately reciprocate by kicking out 35 US “diplomats” and shutting down two US sites in Russia of their choosing.

    Then they will wait and see what Trump does. Hopefully, the new President will initiate a Russia reset, together with resetting the rest of US foreign policy which has gone down the tubes over the last eight years.

    פַּלְגֵי מַיִם לֶב מֶלֶךְ בְּיַד ה עַל כָּל אֲשֶׁר יַחְפֹּץ יַטֶּנּוּ.
    MIshei 21:1.


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