Russian Twitter Bots Sought To Sow Confusion Around Vaccinations


A new study published Thursday shows Russian bots promoted divisive speech and misinformation surrounding vaccinations in the U.S.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health, found social media posts taking hardline views on both sides of the vaccination debate in roughly equal proportion.

“These trolls seem to be using vaccination as a wedge issue, promoting discord in American society,” the study’s authors told NBC News.

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  1. I am not a “Bot”,a Russian, nor do I use Twitter. The real disinformation about vaccination science comes from the pharmaceutical industry and the corrupt CDC, which pay for pro vaccine Bots, fund phony pro vaccine 501C3 nonprofits, pay for vaccine compliance grants, pay for pro vaccine spokespeople, and trolls, and funnel money in very shady ways to push legislation to take away the right to opt out of vaccination. This is all done in collaboration with the information monopolies run by the mainstream media and by the Internet giants. That we are seeing a linkage now to the false Russian Collusion narrative is not surprising. The pharmaceutical industry is undoubtedly part of the wicked deep state cabal behind the attempted coup of President Trump. This is because of two reasons. One, they Know President Trump has a target painted on them. Don’t think that the promise President elect Trump gave to Robert Kennedy Jr. in Trump Tower will not be kept. Two it is personal. There have long been rumors that someone in President Trumps family was injured by a vaccine and may have been or is on the Autism spectrum. I actually heard who it is, from a very reliable source but I will not name names out of respect for those involved. It is also important to understand that the entire false Russian narrative really seems to be an attempt at deflecting attention from the real threat to the United states and to worldwide freedom and liberty in general – the Chinese government and its unholy alliance with the Internet monopolies.

  2. @FlatbushAntiVaxxer – Thank for your post. Its clear language, succinct arguments / explanations cleared up any doubts I had about this subject. You proved for me, beyond the shadow of doubt, that the anti-vaxxer people are most certainly, 100% nuts and off the wall.

  3. that is really funny “wait a minute”
    seriously though, i am not a bot either but an ex vaxxer.
    to anonymous who answered flatbushantivaxxer: have you ever read a package insert that comes with the immunization?
    if not, please read one. (you can find them online if your dr. does not want to provide one to you)
    this has nothing to do with Russia
    this is just another ploy to discredit the truth about vaccines.

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