Russian President Putin Gifts Israeli PM Netanyahu Copy of First-Ever Chumash Printed With Rashi Commentary


At their meeting in Sochi on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a copy of the first-ever Chumash printed with Rashi’s commentary.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Netanyahu called the Russian leader’s gesture “moving,” and said the Bible would be handed over to the National Library of Israel.

“I thank President Putin for the friendship and cooperation between us,” Netanyahu wrote.

In March, at a meeting in Moscow, Netanyahu received from Putin a nearly 500-year-old copy of Roman-Jewish historian Josephus’ book The Jewish War.

The focus of this week’s sit-down on the shores of the Black Sea was the situation in Syria and Iran’s military presence there, which, Netanyahu said after the meeting, posed a growing risk to global security.

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  1. This sounds strange. How do we know this is legitimate? The first ever? Who printed it? Where was it printed? Which Country? How did Putin get ahold of it?
    Why would he give it to Bibi, who nebach, doesn’t keep Shabbos or Kashrus, et al. Putin should of given it to a true Talmud Chachom, or at least one of the Chief Rabbi’s.

  2. To Avraham Yaakov
    From Moshe rabbeinu till rashi you can’t find anyone??? Do you realize how many chachomim your forgetting?? עפרא לפומיה!!


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