Russian Government Spokeswoman Suggests Trump Won Thanks to “the Jews”


In an appearance that has triggered accusations of anti-Semitism, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, suggested on a nationally televised talk show on Sunday that money from Jews played a key role in Trump’s win.

“If you want to know what will happen in America, who do you have to talk to? You have to talk to the Jews, naturally. But of course,” Zakharova said, prompting applause from the studio audience.

Adopting a cartoonish Jewish accent, Zakharova then said, “They told me: ‘Marochka (a Russian diminutive for Maria), you understand, of course, we’ll donate to Clinton. But we’ll donate twice as much to the Republicans.'”

{ Newscenter}


  1. Beer will now be served at the Holocaust Museum. T The jews are more impressed by Trump than the history we must never repeat. Scary to the very last drop.

  2. NO – Trump won thanks to the country being sickened by what Obama has done these past 8 years and being terrified that Hillary would just continue the trend of weakening and destroying our country. THAT’S WHY TRUMP WON.


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