Russian Exile Found Dead In London In Unexplained Circumstances


A former senior Russian executive linked to late Kremlin opponent Boris Berezovsky has been found dead in London in unexplained circumstances, British and Russian media reported on Tuesday.

Nikolai Glushkov’s death comes amid heightened concern following a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in England and as the government said it would investigate the deaths of a number of Russia-linked individuals which have raised suspicions.

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper quoted Glushkov’s family saying that the body carried “traces of strangulation”.It said “it was not yet clear whether it was murder or suicide”.

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  1. Pin the Russian spy and daughter’s nerve agent death on Boris Berezovsky and the case is closed because now he is dead. Boy, those Russians are smart……………………

  2. “Unexplained circumstances” It doesn’t take a genius to explain the circumstances. He was anti-Putin, so he was murdered. Duh.


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