Russia Shuts Down Moscow School for Western Diplomats’ Kids


Russian authorities have retaliated against U.S. sanctions by ordering the closure of a school for Western diplomats’ children in Moscow, the first sign of blowback over the U.S. response to Moscow’s election interference. The Anglo-American School of Moscow, a nonprofit school for pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade attended by children of American, British and Canadian diplomats, received an order from the Russian government to shut down on Thursday, just hours after U.S. sanctions were announced, CNN reported.

It’s unclear if the school has been given a deadline, but the closure seems aimed at driving Western diplomats out. The government has also ordered that U.S. officials vacate the U.S. Embassy’s vacation home in Serebryany Bor, outside of Moscow. The move came as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov promised to make U.S. officials “very uncomfortable” in response to the sanctions. That sentiment was echoed by other Kremlin officials throughout the day. Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, tweeted Thursday that Moscow’s “countermeasures” would be announced on Friday. Read more at CNN.



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