Russia Blames US For Iranian Presence Near Israeli Border


Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov blamed US sanctions for the failure to secure a deal to move Iran’s military assets in Syria to a line 100 kilometers (63 miles) from Israel’s border.

“Russia tried, and partially succeeded, to diminish Iranian military presence in the immediate vicinity of the Israeli border and in the immediate vicinity of the Golan Heights. We wanted to go even further, to agree with the Iranians that they withdraw heavy weaponry more than 100 km away,” Ryabkov told i24NEWS.

“It didn’t work, because we wanted this in exchange for some suspension of the U.S. secondary sanctions to be imposed on countries in November, that would, you know, limit their ability to purchase Iranian oil. It never happened,” he added.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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