Russia Bans Marcus Lehman Book


A court in the Black Sea coastal city of Sochi blacklisted the book Forcibly Baptized by Marcus Lehman. It was also added to the Russian Ministry of Justice’s federal list of extremist materials, JTA reports.

The novel relates a Jew’s refusal to convert despite external pressures.

Russia’s 2002 anti-terrorist law, which targets “extremist” speech and written material, and similar laws enacted later give government agencies wide latitude in condemning innocent publications.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Back in the 1940/1950’s we were entertained by m lehmen books and alleged quasi religious stories. Does anyone today read his books or just Artscroll issues? Artscriol should reissue the good books.

  2. Danger begins. The strangulation of a young jew is always the church.

    See our reform? They are in danger. Any jew never to know the greatness of Torah gets confused. The baptism is evil. Miss never their tactics.


  3. All Lehman books are true classics of Jewish literature, books like on the Spanish Inquisition “Family Y Aguilar”, The adopted Princess. I still read them in the 90s. I recently downloaded Family Aguilar for free.

  4. I forgot to mention, Rabbi Meir Lehman was a scholar and German Rabbi, who wrote these books לשם שמים, being that people at the time were reading Non Jewish literature, he committed himself to author quality reading material for all.

  5. Read all of them . Every camp did plays to his books. Family Aguilar was a fiction, not real. Rabbi Joselman of Rosheim was a phenomenal piece of writing on a hard piece of history.


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