Rush: London Rioters Are Like Obama Voters


rush-limbaugh[Audio below.] Why are the London riots happening? If you guessed “hooliganism” is to blame, you are only partially correct – at least according to Rush Limbaugh.

During his radio program Tuesday, Limbaugh said hooliganism is only the “result” but not the reason for, the riots spreading throughout Britain. And that the real reasons behind the U.K. riots are the same reasons cited by Obama voters who blame the “rich” for all the world’s ills.

Limbaugh then played “the why” – a BBC interview of two women protesters who flat-out said that the riots are happening because of conservatives, rich people, and business owners. “We’re just showing the rich people we can do what we want,” said one woman.

This being the same tune, Limbaugh states, that is sung by Obama voters.

And with race riots occurring in Wisconsin, Limbaugh predicts “this is what we have in store, we’re on this path.”

Listen to the clip from Limbaugh’s show below:

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{The Blaze/ Newscenter}


  1. Pacifists is what you would call that british approach! Allowing the youth to step over the adults, is what you call ikvisa dimishicha chutzpa yasge. The youth wont be allowed to be reprimanded, a mother in law will have to stand up for her daughter in law, old will stand up for the young. The Liberal approach is bringing this on quicker then we realise. I heard the British Police were afraid for their lifes, and ran away from the criminals. Mamish what this Chazal predicts, prior to Moshiachs arrival.

  2. Ridiculous and insulting…

    So If I support The President is a sign that I will go around and riot…

    Why people pay atention and quote such a demagogue?


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