Rush Limbaugh: No Proof Russians Were Behind Election Hacking


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh maintains there is no evidence that Russians hacked the presidential election, Newsmax reports.

He accused Democrats of blaming the Russians in an attempt to try to politically damage President-elect Donald Trump, while using the issue to raise funds.

“…this is what they’ve settled on,” he said. “Get ready, ’cause it’s going to be a months-long story. It isn’t going away. It’s going to be what they will use to fundraise. It’s going to be their method of delegitimizing the Trump election and the Trump presidency.They are digging deeper on this. They are not going to let this go. It’s gonna look even more pathetic. It’s gonna look even more childish.

“They are going to marginalize themselves even more. They’re going to look incompetent and whiny. They are going to appear out of step. They are going to have every aspect of the sore loser character attached to them while Trump is going to burn and beat a new path unlike any. They’re going to be left in the dust. They’re gonna be left in the wake. They are not going to know what hit them.”

And he added: “…nobody can provide any evidence that the Russian hacked the election.”




  1. And he added: ‘…nobody can provide any evidence that the Russian hacked the election.’

    Really? Mr. Limbaugh reviewed the alleged evidence gathered by 17 intelligence agencies and determined that it was all false and/or invalid?
    If he were to express skepticism about unreleased evidence and unnamed sources, that’s fine, but declaring it positively and unequivocally false is simply baseless bloviating.


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