Rush Limbaugh Inks New 3-Year Deal, Contract ‘Really Never in Doubt’


rush-limbaughCalling himself America’s “Doctor of Democracy” and “America’s Truth Detector,” conservative talk superstar Rush Limbaugh announced a new three-year deal on Friday with Cumulus Media, which includes a move from WABC to WOR in New York.

“The bottom line is, no change for you,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “Wherever you’re listening to this radio show today, you’re gonna be able to hear it on Jan. 2, 3, whenever I get back from the traditional [holiday] break. There will be no interruption to you. There will be no change. The radio program is as strong or stronger than ever. It will be everywhere you are used to listening to it now.”

Politico reported last month that Cumulus Media would not renew “The Rush Limbaugh Show” after negotiations with Premiere Networks, the division of Clear Channel that distributes the program.

“The last month, if you read Politico or anything that linked to Politico or CNN or ABC or anywhere else, you were reading that it was over for me. That I was bad news for broadcast stations,” Limbaugh told listeners. “They could not sell advertising and all of this was because of me and the controversy I engender and therefore I wasn’t gonna be gone overnight, but three to four years, and that’s it. Fini, totala completa, out of there, gone. Once and for all the left would be rid of me.”

On Friday, Limbaugh said that the yearlong negotiations ended this week with a new deal, and that “it was really never in doubt, but I don’t want to do my own version of negotiating here.”

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  1. Let ABC stick with Savage, whose real namepaying is Michael Weiner, who savagely attacked and mocked Metzitza b’peh. If the company is comfy with him, good for them. I’m switching with Rush. BTW, since his comments, I stopped listeng to him.
    Let them have Levin and Savage.
    Now let’s get Sean to switch too.

  2. Hooray!
    ABC is going left and downhill and WOR is gaining!
    Imus vs. Gambling – WOR wins big time.
    Geraldo is nuts but not bad.
    Hamburg to be replaced by Limbaugh – great move!
    They should pick up Hannity too.
    Bachelor is good friend of Jews and Israel but ABC seems to have tied his hands.
    ABC could keep the two gallachim – oops, the? Rabbi? and the gallach on Sunday morning s. No friends of Yiddishkite!
    Looking forward..


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