Rush Limbaugh: GOP and Dems Both Fear Palin


rush-limbaughTalk show host Rush Limbaugh says that, if he were President Barack Obama, he would not want to face a staunch conservative such as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin because she carries a frightening message – that he is beatable. Limbaugh also said on Fox News Thursday night that the GOP establishment fears Palin as well.

Fox News’ Greta van Susteren asked Limbaugh whether Palin’s announced bus trip marks the beginning of her presidential campaign.

“I think this bus trip – it’s certainly designed to get people speculating that she’s in,” Limbaugh said. “The thing about Sarah Palin to me is that she has now learned to relish and to profit from all the attention – negative or positive – and she certainly knows negative attention.

“She has suffered slings and arrows – she’s had the media . . . exam – unlike any other Republican candidate,” he said. “And I think she has now come to grips with the fact that that’s part and parcel of the process. And I think one of the things that she enjoys is just rubbing it right back in their face. She knows that they are trying to intimidate her into silence.

Limbaugh said Palin is mastering the things she will have to master if she decides to run. Results of the most recent Gallup Poll that showed her only two points behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “shocked me” – especially since she still hasn’t made a decision, he said.

“That was startling,” Limbaugh said. “Greta, you’ve asked the question of the day – you’ve asked the question of the campaign: The Republican Party is really royal right now, inside-the-Beltway intelligentsia, power base is not oriented towards conservatism.

“Conservative Republicans make them nervous,” he added. “The inside-the-Beltway ruling class – the elite – they’re more oriented toward candidates they can attach the word ‘serious’ to – which is another way of saying someone who is boring, who doesn’t ruffle feathers, someone who exudes an air of formal education and sophistication – she doesn’t exude that, and I think it’s going to shake a lot of people up.

“You know the effect that she has on establishment Republican people,” Limbaugh continued. “They’re just as frightened in their own way as the Democrats are of Palin and one thing I think is inescapable – particularly in looking at the Democrats – the Democrats and the media will always tell you who they are afraid of by virtue of who they spend time trying to destroy.”

By the same token, when Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was flirting with getting in, The Washington Post and The New York Times were saying “this is the one Obama really fears,” trying to goad him into the race, Limbaugh said.

“It was really convoluted thinking – but the bottom line is she scares them – she also scares the Republican establishment,” he said. “But so does some other potential Republican candidates.”

Van Susteren asked which other conservative candidates are feared.

Limbaugh cited former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, noting, “Bachmann especially. Anybody who is tea party oriented is going to send some chills down the spines of both Democrat and Republican establishments. There’s something about the tea party that frightens them and I think it’s the direct connection with the American people.”

The GOP establishment considers the tea partyers outsiders who are upsetting the entire Washington power and social structure, Limbaugh said .

“They’re outsiders – they’re not considered genuine political professionals,” he said. “By definition: Tea party people, in many cases, have never even been involved in politics. They started going to town hall meetings a couple of summers ago and simply have come to life because they don’t like the direction the country is going.”

The GOP establishment has a “message problem” because of fear and a belief that moderate is the way to go, Limbaugh said.

“And I think that’s always going to be a problem with the Republicans until there is a nominee who is conservative – who is proud conservative, who is passionate conservative – and doesn’t need note cards, and doesn’t need a prompter and can’t wait to talk to people about it.”

Limbaugh added that the reason there was so much excitement for Donald Trump before he ended his flirtation with a 2012 run was because he was taking it to them on the future of the country.”

Obama is beatable because he has taken the moderate tack, he said.

Limbaugh said his “dream candidate” would be Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“I would love for Rick Perry to get into it or anybody like him,” he said. “The more conservatives in this race, the more full-throated, unapologetic, pedal-to-the-metal conservatives in this race, the greater the opportunity one of them is going to be elected.”

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  1. Folks, Obama is going to win his 2nd term in office. WHY? Because Hashem wants it that way. The beginning of the end has to start at one point in time. The Bnai Yisroel were subjugated in Mitzraim for a reason. The Mitzrim were not regular goyim, they are the sons of Cham. Remember Cham, the son of Noah. To become the Bnai Yisroel as a Am Kadosh, they were lowered to be slaves to the children of Cham. The same thing is happening today. Bnai Yisroel has to be subjugated again, in order to emerge as a new Am Yisroel, a Am Kadosh. HaMevin Yovin

  2. Who “fears” Palin? I just feel oppressed that we must listen to her antisocial right wing rhetoric in a debate and that will consume partially any democratic response. Honestly, does the GOP have a chance any how in this election?

  3. i pray palin runs – it will be the most entertaining election ever, obama will win, biderech hateva he will keep making the right decisions he has been making, and we can concentrate on the things that matter.

    And we won’t be going back to those days where every time the previous president opened his mouth we cringed at what might come out of it

  4. Zadok C- After reading your narishe comments I wonder if Liberalism is a mental disorder!

    You must be one of those self hating Jews who are Liberal Wacko Democrats first and Jews second.

  5. the religious right is a socialist crowd. The lack of working males has produced a wellfare class that has come to rely on social handouts in order to survive. and they will vote for O.

  6. Chazer,
    After reading your comment, I wonder if heresy is hereditary… I suppose that you think that the promise of a brighter future is a rope around the neck of the really deserving like yourself perhaps. But that said, I think there is no surprise that Jews are liberal minded and many are democrats. The universe has a liberal sensibility about it.

  7. I think Tzadok’s right over here, whoever beliver that Palin has a chance, is living in dream land! It now really does appear that Rush lives in a glass castle! But Obama is beatable, if we get a midway moderate on board! I’m sure that candidate could be Guliani, because he aint all that popular and known! And so it probably will better if Obama is beated, sorry Liberals he aint the Messia! Although I don’t think he’s the worst President we ever had. And we could survive another 4 years with him, its not the end of the world!

  8. Rush you seriously lost touch with reality. It would be so exciting if Palin did win, because she’s a woman, and women are great leaders. But Palin is just to far right wing, to even stand the slightest chance!

  9. We Republicans will not vote for a RINO like Giuliani because there is no difference between him and Obama.

    We will support new exciting Republican with fresh ideas and principled sound policies.

    Rush is 100% correct! The Dems are so scared of Sarah Palin that all they can do is poke fun at her. I haven’t heard a single Dem answer any of her policy points because they just can’t. Jews who are Liberal 1st and Jews 2nd are even more frightened of her.

    If Sarah Palin decides to run for President she will win the Republican Primary and go on to beat Obama!

  10. it would be an entertaining show but I hope Romnney or Pawlenty wins they have the only chance on beating PRES Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. #11- Romney is to wishy-washy. His positions change with the wind. Pawlenty is a good person and a straight shooter but he doesn’t have name ID.

    Republicans are looking for someone with stark differences to Obama. Someone who has a position and will stick with it. Someone who is personable and principled.

    Experience really doesn’t matter anymore. After electing an organizer who hid all his school records and supposed publications who has had NO PREVIOUS POLITICAL OR BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, who cares?? Apparently the US Voter doesn’t care.

    We should have a clear choice of “CHANGE FOR THE BETTER” or Obama’s “RADICAL CHANGE OF AMERICA”.


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