Rush Limbaugh: “You Know How To Stop Abortion? Require That Each One Occur With A Gun”


limbaugh-rushBy Bill Blankschaen

I didn’t say it. Rush did. That’s Rush Limbaugh for those on the left coast.

You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun. ~ Rush Limbaugh, show archive, Jan. 16, 2013

I know some of you, even some of my friends here on the Evangelical portal won’t like me saying it, but Rush is right on this one. Lost amid all the clamor about gun control efforts to supposedly protect children is the fact that we brutally kill thousands of children every day via abortion, children who never even make it to Kindergarten.

One reason we have become so tolerant of the horrific slaughter of our children is that those responsible for the decision (mothers and fathers) don’t have to actually pull the trigger or even see the jarring consequences of their life-ending decision. We have sanitized the process to hide the simple fact that a child dies when an abortion occurs just as surely as by a bullet.

How many parents would “have an abortion” (a euphemistic salve if ever there was one) if it had to be done with a Beretta 9 millimeter?

The fact is that when we have to come face-to-face with the consequences of our decisions, we make different decisions. It’s the same way with abortion.

Rush is right.

I know we’re all supposed to be loving these days, which means to some people of faith that we should not be pointing out the horrific consequences of the evil of abortion in away that doesn’t play well with a God-despising media. But showing pictures of charred Jewish bodies or starving children in concentration camps would not have been all that seeker-friendly either.
Still it might have saved a lot of children. Children like yours and mine and those precious souls at Sandy Hook.

If one abortion – one – got the media coverage given to the massacre at Sandy Hook, we would all likely puke – and then hurl Roe vs. Wade away in furious disgust.

Someday. Soon.


[ Newscenter]


  1. Let’s remember that Mr. Barak Hussain Obama was a huge advocate and pusher for partial-birth-abortions! Yep, yep, the same guy all about children saftey wanted to allow them to killed while being born.

  2. Of course! These Liberal phonies are real murderers! Using a hanger instead of a gun to perform abortion is a lot more horrific! But don’t expect the Obama fool to say this!

  3. So abortion is a right bestowed upon us by the second amendment – only this one they’re allowing to stay without infringement.

  4. The Guy is obviously a total nut case. He has to come up with these obsurd statements in order to be relavant. And we the people eat from his palm.

  5. Comment #10 is obviously a total nut case. He has to come up with these obsurd [sic] statements in order to be relavant [sic].

  6. Perhaps it would be best to have those authorizing an abortion to receive the remains in a clear plastic container to dispose of in any permissible way. At least, in most cases, they will see that they destroyed a human life and not a bunch of tissue cells.


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