Rush: Cost of Irene ‘Pales in Comparison’ to Hurricane Obama


rush-limbaughRush Limbaugh, popular radio host, had some choice words for the commander-in-chief as Hurricane Irene leaves destruction in its wake and President Obama deals with a plummeting economy.

“Well,” said Limbaugh on his show, “I want to tell you something: Hurricane Obama — this irene. Whatever this Irene is going to cost us, it pales in comparison that has been the Hurricane that is the Obama administration.

“The Obama administration, the Hurricane has cost us far more. And Byron York, while I was gone, great story, fabulous story on the source of all this deficit spending under Obama. The $4 trillion that they’re spending. Everybody’s focused on entitlements and he correctly points out it’s not entitlements that have busted the budget here. Entitlements are known, the spending in entitlements.

“What’s been added to the entitlements is where we’re in trouble. The purposeful spending, the stimulus — the Porkulus — the TARP. All of these things, above and beyond the entitlements.

“Now, one of the tricks is to distract people from that and to get them focused on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid as the source of the problem, and they’re problems that have to be dealt with. But they are not the culprit here, Obama is!

“And all the focus on ‘he’s not serious about entitlement reform.’ Well, that’s simply a way to distract people a way from what Obama has actually done.

“This (Hurricane hype) is just a media frenzy without any results just like the Obama presidency. Obama’s economy. Look at it this way: Obama’s economy has millions of people out of work, millions more living paycheck-to-paycheck. Millions are getting deeper in debt as every month passes.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Rush Limbaugh is trying to compare the diligent spending of a liberal president with the destruction of a hurricane on life and property? What did I miss here? Oh yeah, illigitimate people like to harass the nice people who run our nation because to them a dollar is a dollar, no matter if it was spent on Medicaid to help our grandparents or if it was spent to clean up a horrible mess. So Limbaugh, you did your math, but can you read your newspapers? I did not think that it made sense to compare national spending with the outcome of a hurricane and to be quite particularly rightful with you, our spending on national interests such as the wars, medicare and medicaid and education far outweigh your own priority to bloviate on the radio. Ever.

  2. Isn’t he the guy who said in 2008, ” If Obama wins I’m out of the country. ” What’s he going to do when Obama wins in 2012. Pay taxes on his 400 million dollar contract?

  3. Limbaugh’s show is the only radio I allow myself to listen to. He has his finger on this country’s pulse. He is perhaps the only commentator who speaks the truth.

  4. #5, no offense to you, but I would expect you to see through his emotionally charged faulty logic and faulty reasoning which he spouts and never allows to be challenged on his show. He finds obvious problems in people he does not support, yet finds zero problems with the ones he does support. He is a big baby and is the Grand Cheerleader of complaining so people fall behind the large shadow he casts. Above that, he is a disgusting womanizer who has no problem offending his political rivals (the Clintons) or the husbands of the callers, by flirting and being disgusting with other people’s wives. He is a sideshow act. For real intellectually based political information, try Bob Grant, Michael Savage, Aaron Klein, among others. For intelligent, thought provoking ideas on the left, try Hugh Hamilton and Cornell West. Limberger stinks!

  5. Listening to Mr. Limbaugh’s bombastic radio show is about as good for your neshamah as, chaliliah, eating a pork sandwich would be.

  6. How tasteless. The hurricane did real damage and cost lives. People are still struggling with the aftermath. If Limbaugh doesn’t like Obama he can attack Obama without minimizing the very real tragedy of Hurricane Irene.

  7. B’emes, Yidden should not listen to any radio show. But if you’re going to, Rush is one of the only shows that have some truths in it. And unlike Grant and Savage and their like who are constantly negative, yelling, and pessimistic, Rush is an optimist, positive, and humorous. His analysis is usually spot on as well, but you need to understand his humor to understand him.

  8. Rush Limbaugh is one of the Chasidei Umos HaOlam. A true friend of Yidden. Always defending Jews under attack and a strong supporter of Israel who even spent time there.

  9. #11 (ST) — Correct. Which stands in stark comparison to the liberals who are covert anti-semites always attacking Israel as a proxy against Jews.

    Ever notice 95% of Israel haters and even outright Jew-haters are liberals or Democrats?

  10. reply to 10:
    Why should our Jewish nation NOT listen to the radio shows? This is quite confusing. Did Hashem create radio only for the non jew. Just curious. Do you still take laughing gas to pass the time of day?


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