Rumsfeld: Same-Gender Marriage Could Lead to Polygamy


rumsfeldFormer Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld won’t say whether he supports same gender  marriage.

In an interview with Larry King, Rumseld danced around the question of whether same-gender partners should be allowed to marry and suggested he feared it could lead to polygamy.

“You know, I’m, I guess, of a generation that I don’t-I wonder-I listened to some of the Supreme Court justices and one of them said, ‘Well what’s next after that? Is it two people, three people?'” he told King.

Rumseld also said that he doesn’t equate the fight for same gender  rights today with the civil-rights movement of the 1960s. Read more at Talking Points Memo.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. When the Defense Secretary is worried about marriage, I am thinking that he did not do a good job as defense secretary.

  2. And the data showing evidence of his assertion?????? Why the hesitation to say he supports the Bible? If you go via these other channels then one’s arguments can easily be shot down.

  3. Like all the Great Empire of Yesteryears, the USA will follow the same path. Many countries today have lost their path. ” ?? ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????” Endless “FREEDOM” will eventually bring destruction to the World. Been there! Done that!


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