Rudy May Consider 2012 Presidential Bid


giuliani1His 2008 presidential campaign went from frontrunner to a collapse and then withdrawal on the day of the Florida primary, but former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s presidential aspirations may not be over after all.

Giuliani spoke about his chances of getting into the 2012 presidential race after giving the commencement speech at Cornell University in Ithaca on Saturday.

 “I would have to make a decision about whether I think there is a republican who would be a really good opponent for President Obama that could win,” Giuliani told reporters. “If I thought there was, I’d support that person. If somehow I came to the conclusion it was me, then I’d probably do it.”

New York City’s former mayor then joked about leading in recent polls in the GOP field. “When you’re not a candidate, you’re always leading,” he said.

A CNN poll released Friday put Giuliani as a frontrunner for GOP candidates. Adding to the presidential speculation, Giuliani will be heading to New Hampshire on Thursday to be the keynote speaker at a state republican party fundraiser.

{1010 WINS/ Newscenter}


  1. Go Rudy go! Rudy your the best candidate, because your tough on crime, and tough on security, and you have no patience for terrorist liars, like Abu Mazen! But your not a religious fanatic, which is what Palin and the rest of the clan appear to be. The Republicans gotta put up a midway candidate, in order to tip the scales!


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