Rudy Giuliani Says President Obama ‘Totally Immature’ On Tackling Iran Nukes


giulianiAmerica’s Mayor says that when it came to Iran and its nuclear program, President Obama acts like a naive teenager.

Ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that Obama has been too soft on Iran, allowing it to develop nuclear arms.

Giuliani likened Obama’s handling of Iran to someone who is “15 years old and totally immature, and you don’t know power politics, and you have never faced evil in your life.”

“We’ve seen what happens when you beg dictators – they take advantage,” Giuliani said on Sunday.

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. Once again, this is assuming that Obama is trying to weaken Iran. He is not stupid enough to be working at cross-purposes. We must recognize that his interests don’t lie where we think they do. He clearly wants to strengthen the Muslim world to the detriment of our decadent Christian-oriented society. He is pro-muslim brotherhood and all his actions have served only to weaken our allies and the U.S.

    The sooner we recognize that this is intentional, the sooner we can effectively deal with it.

  2. #3, yes, of course. You are right. All the evidence certainly points that way. I mean, look at the Bin Laden assault and all the drone strikes and sanctions on Iran. Yes, our liberal, secular president is clearly a closet radical muslim.

    Look, I’m as anti-Obama as the next guy, but can you people get real?
    Yes, he hasn’t been tough enough on Iran. That is certainly true. But to say that it has been for the express purpose of strengthening radical Islam is just ridiculous. He has economic reasons and political ones, but none of them are jihad!

  3. #4. I appreciate your comments, but make 2 columns. In one put all those things that he has HAD to do, carry on an overt fight against those who were openly against the US, in the other column list what he has done by choice, such as help overthrow a friendly Egypt, make friends with the muslim brotherhood (they are not radical, they represent the middle-of-the-road muslim), support Palestinians agains Israel (why do we think he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing?

    Obama isn’t a ‘closet’ muslim, he has stated that the sweetest sound he ever heard is that emanating from the mosque calling the faithful to prayer. His brand of Christianity is that of his pastor who preached hatred for the US, whites and Jews. He listened for 20 years, why do we think he kept coming back? If I don’t like the Rov’s speech I find a different shul.

    No, take it at face value. As much as we hate to admit we’ve been sold a bill of goods. We have elected our enemy to lead us.


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