Rubio On Claim Dems Trying To Change Election Results


As the Sunshine State braces for midterm election recounts, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio says Democratic lawyers are ‘descending on Florida’ with one goal in mind and it’s not to make sure every vote is counted.




  1. The Deep State controlled by the DNC, with the help of the FBI, are the ones who decide who will be installed to power. We have a corrupt one party system in this Country. If the votes don’t go their way, they simply “find” thousands of phantom votes that suddenly appear, in their favor. Corruption on top of corruption. Our voting is totally worthless. It is decided long in advance who they want as their “elected” lol officials. NY State is a perfect example.

    • That must be why the Republicans won the Senate big time. And why the Democrats onl squeaked by with an 11 vote majority in the House.

      Keep on dreaming.


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