Rubio After Debate Win: Trump’s a ‘Con Artist’


In a television interview with Matt Lauer this morning, following a successful debate performance, Sen. Marco Rubio called fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump “a con artist” about five times.

Rubio added, “I admit I’m an underdog.” But he implored those watching to “put a stop to this lunacy” by not voting for Trump.

He continued, “We’re on the verge of having someone take over the conservative movement and the Republican Party who’s a con artist…. His target audience is working Americans who are really struggling over the last few years in this economy, but he has spent a career sticking it to working Americans.” Read more at Today.



  1. He brings up a good point. Unfortunately, the media already chose for us our candidates. They chose Hillary & Trump. The voters don’t count anymore. disappointed


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