Rubber Ducky Filter Experiences Toll Free Number Glitch Following Massive Citifield Response


rubber-duckyAs one can imagine following the massive Citifield Asifa, filter companies are being inundated with calls. Frum Web Inc, which produces the Rubber Ducky filter, a popular secure and inexpensive software filter, has also been receiving many calls to the extent that Frum Web spokesman Chaim Walter says “The amount of simultaneous calls we received in such a short time has caused our IVR phone system to go a bit haywire which resulted in knocking out our main toll free number.

The technicians are working on restoring the main toll free number 855-FRUM-WEB but for now customers who are having difficulty reaching us via our toll free number can call our local number at   (732) 719-2286 or send an email to”

The Rubber ducky filter only costs $12.95 a month which is significantly less expensive than its competition. It is a far superior product than any of the non Jewish free filters while less expensive than any of the other Jewish ones. Customers can choose from various levels of filtering from a low level 1 to a stringent whitelist only.  Users can choose their own level at the time of signup and can request to have it changed or customized at any time. With such a low cost and customizable product  Chaim Walter says “it is imperative for everyone to have a filter installed. Even if they are afraid that if they get a filter it might be too much of a hindrance in their daily work – they still should at least get a level 1 filter which blocks out the real bad stuff. Additionally, Rubber Ducky offers each household member to have their own filtering settings with their unique password. This enables a mother to shop for lady clothing, while kids can only use to play games, and men can use only for their business. This option is recommended by many rabbonim and not available on most filters”.

Unlike most of the other Jewish filter companies – Frum Web does not require you to switch to their own internet service and you can continue using your existing internet connection and just install the Rubber Ducky filter on your computer. Filter companies which require you to get internet from them in order to have the internet filtered often involves often a hassle, downtime, and expense to switch over. Additionally, these filter companies only offer DSL service which is much slower than FIOS and cable and is starting to become obsolete.

The reasons why these filter companies require you to get internet from them is because they filter the line that’s coming into your house and all traffic has to pass through their servers. While there is an advantage to this type of filtering in as much as even an experienced hacker cannot uninstall the filter – nonetheless a major issue exists.  Only the internet coming in on that line is filtered. However, a child can easily decide not to connect to the internet using his home internet connection but using a wireless connection to a neighbor who does not have filtered internet and get complete unrestricted internet. Additionally, in many major cities and towns including Brooklyn, Queens, and Lakewood one can connect to public Wifi’s provided by Optimum, Time Warner, Comcast.  Therefore, while parents think that they are secure by having filtered internet in their home – their kids can be up in their bedroom connecting to a neighbors Wifi.

The Rubber Ducky filter, provided by Frum Web Inc. , solves this issue in addition to many others.  Firstly it is a software based filter installed on all the computers in your house. Since it is installed on the computer, it filters your internet no matter whose internet connection you use. You can even be in an airport or starbucks and connecting your laptop to their internet you will still get filtered. The software cannot be uninstalled without a password only provided when the account holder canceles his account.

You can still keep your existing internet connection and install it in a few minutes. It does not slow down your computer like many of the free software based filters as all the filtering is done on the rubber Ducky servers not on the local computer. All the software does is force the computer to query the Rubber Ducky server. Each query takes a fraction of a second.

The Cost: Only 12.95 a month.

To order – Call 855-FRUM-WEB,  732- 719-2286 , or send an email to


  1. I certainly don’t begrudge’s accepting of advertising — after all, it pays the bills. However, I think that it is wrong to mix “advertisements” such as this in with news.

    If something is an advertisement (as this is), it should be clearly labeled as such.

    The Wolf

  2. Sorry, but I disagree. If the internet line coming into your house IS NOT filtered, only a particular computer is, you are also not well protected.

    If you have WI FI for sure that’s true.

    If it’s with a wire connection, can’t a child, unplug the computer with the Rubber Ducky filter installed on it, and plug in another device, (or use WI FI with a phone he bought for $30) and now have full access to the internet.

    I’m not an expert, but it seems to be both types of filters are extremely necessary, and a good talk to all the neighbors – at the very minimum have their WI FI password protected.

    Did I misunderstand something?

  3. ur a genius. if a kid has a phone with a wifi he can get on the internet whether they have a line filter or not – he can just use his neighbors internet or many of the free wifi connections such as xfinity and optimum which is available in most of lakewood.

    with wifi available its a meaningless protection to have a line filter. it does nothing for u.

    even if neighbors password protect it – there is always the guy down the block who dont know how to do that or as i mentioned u can just use xfinity or optimum wifi and get a username from a friend.

  4. TO #5: If Alle Meats and Mehadrin Dairy would sponsor a Basar B’chalav/Kashrus awareness event, would there be a problem with that?


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