Rubashkin White House Petition Closing in on 25,000


rubashkin[Link below.] As first publicized here on, there  is a petition to President Barack Obama asking him to investigate the Rubashkin case, following the recent brazen denial of appeal by the 8th Circuit Court.

Although the petition reached the requisite 5,000 signatures – within 10 hours, a lot sooner than the 30 days allotted, and has now exceeded 24,000 signatures, and even though it is currently one of the highest signed petitions, more signatures are needed to show the White House that this is something that people are taking very seriously.

As an aside, just yesterday, the White House changed its policy for the “We the People” petitions, requiring 25,000 signatures to garner an official response from the White House policy team, up from the 5,000 signatures required initially when the site was unveiled at the end of September. The Rubashkin petition, which commenced prior to this change, will not be subject to this new minimum level, although, as mentioned, less than 1,00 votes are needed to reach that plateau.

Take a moment to sign the petition and pass it along. Click here.

Continue to daven for Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. It’s unfair to write ‘Take a moment and sign…” While I signed the petition, it does take more than just a moment and they make you sign up for an account, then go to your email to validate, then sign in, find the petition etc….

  2. C’Mon Klall Yisroel. Sign up. Do this mitzvah before Yom Hadin. Always remember that if you were in Sholom’s shoes cholila, you would want the same done for you.WE really should have no problem reaching many more than 25,000 signatures! Me Ke’amcha Yisroel!!!

  3. Unless you get a confirmation that you signed your signature was not recorded.If you are unsure what to do ask someone to help you.

  4. #2, I am sure you spend no time what so ever surfing the net , wasting time and doing bitul zeman. You must be very oisgecheshboned with your time, nebech

  5. It took me a while too, and at first I thought there was something wrong with me that I couldn’t figure it out. I then realized my husband may have signed up using one of my other email accounts, which is why it wasn’t taking. It took probably closer to 10 minutes.
    Nonetheless, now that we cleared that- 10 minutes is a bargain of a mitzvah to do Pidyon Shvuyim.

  6. Let’s go. Show you care. We should be pushing for 50,000 signatures, minimum, and then 75,000 signatures. Let them see we are all one, and we care so much.
    If everyone takes the five whole minutes to do this, we maybe could help save a Yid.
    If you have five minutes to read these blogs, then you have five minutes to sign.Pass this along.

  7. I signed in and went to my email and then signed the petition and it did not take long. Even if it did this man is in jail and you have an opportunity to help him. Compared to 27 years it is less time then just a moment


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