Rubashkin Petition Launches “Fortune 500” Campaign With Goal of First Place On White House Site


rubashkin2The Rubashkin Petition, now in its third week, has launched a new campaign titled “Fortune 500,” with the goal of becoming number one in petitions during a 30-day span. The aim is to get 500 people who really care to commit themselves to getting 25 signatures each.

The petition has garnered close to 35,000 signatures in about two weeks and would need another 25,000 over the next two weeks.

Danny Finkelman, who is heading this new campaign, said, “The rate of signatures that we are getting is truly amazing, especially during this hectic Yom Tov season.”

But Finkelman is not satisfied and has thus furthered this grassroots effort with the “Fortune 500” campaign.

With Sukkos quickly approaching and the deadline for the petition being October 22, that leaves just two short weeks to go. This makes the “Fortune 500” campaign that much more crucial.

“Can you imagine the impact when, at 30 days since the launch, we have put Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin as the number one issue of the White House Petition site?” Finkelman asked.

To become a member of this group, email State your willingness to become a member and then gather the signatures.

Since every person over age 13 with a valid email address may vote, by engaging 10 heads of a household, you can quickly acquire 30 votes or more.

The campaign has already gotten over 100 volunteers who are actively involved in appealing to the general public.

“I’ve never seen such a broad involvement of so many people in such a short period of time.” said Yossi Gestetner, a frum journalist who works in public relations. “To have over 30,000 people sign up during the two weeks from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur is an accomplishment that is worth congratulating. But to make the Rubashkin petition the number one petition in the country would be truly amazing.”

Email to volunteer. To sign the petition, visit

{Shmiel Gellman/ Newscenter}


  1. It is stated in the report above that:

    “The petition has garnered close to 35,000 signatures in about two weeks and would need another 25,000 over the next two weeks.”


    There is no need for all these fancy bells and whistles. The aim of the petition should be to engender a response from the government – and nothing more.

    The petition has long passed that threshold; ?????

  2. Sadly, although it sounds exciting, it is an exercise in futility.

    Why should Obama care?

    The 50,000 people who sign this are not his voters.

  3. What’s with the video section? Why isn’t it working? Come on it’s bein hazmanim. Can’t we have some kosher entertainment? Nu?

  4. The judges are required by law to resist pressure from Congress or anyone else. Let things quiet down, and then after the elections, when it’s politically safe to do controversial things, petition for a commutation.

  5. Could everyone stop giving the Rubashkin campaign un asked for advice he has great lawyers and if they think this petition thing is a good idea let us do our part and sign and spread the word

  6. #2. Dayeinu, when it is not you or your son sitting for 27 years BH.
    Never dayeinu, if we could help another yid, maybe, maybe and yes maybe.

  7. The idea of 500 people getting 25 each is to push it up, and together with others signing on their own, it can reach the first spot, but the smart wiseguys that know EVERYTHING are to ignorant and arogant to figure that out!

  8. To #2 ,its like saying to a hungry person that he ate already yesterday so dayeinu ,so what u r saying is fall apart fall apart

  9. 34,960 !!!!!
    bli ayin hara!
    we gotta keep going. don’t slow down! tell all ur friends to sign in this petition.
    create new email accts in order to sign as many times as possible.


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