Rubashkin Petition Exceeds 15,000, More Signatures Needed


rubashkinAs first publicized here on, there  is a petition to President Barack Obama asking him to investigate the Rubaskhin case, following the recent brazen denial of appeal by the 8th Circuit Court.

Although the petition reached the requisite 5,000 signatures – within 10 hours, a lot sooner than the 30 days allotted, and has now exceeded 15,000 signatures, and even though it is currently the petition with the second highest signature count, more signatures are needed to show the White House that this is something that people are taking very seriously.

Take a moment to sign the petition and pass it along. Click here.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. While I know that doing whatever we can on Rubashkins behalf, I don;t understand why the plight of Mr. Jacob Ostreicher who is inprisoned in Bolivia is so ignored by Matzav. I doubt thatyou will post this, but I feel that I have an obligation to this cause.

  2. can s/o pls make one for Pollard. i keep making 1 & then not saving it b/c i’m scared that i’m not verbalizing the request well enough.
    thank you.


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