Rubashkin Lawyers Appeal Denial of Motion for New Sentencing


Attorneys for Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin filed an appeal yesterday of a judge’s denial of a motion for a new sentencing hearing, KOL HAOLAM reports.

The Rubashkin team asked the U.S. 8th circuit Court of Appeals to allow a hearing to view evidence that the government knowingly sabotaged the sale of Rubashkin’s slaughterhouse until the plant which had offers for nearly $50 million was sold for $8.5 million. That led to the bank’s loss of $27 million, which in turn led to Rubashkin’s 27-year prison sentence.

In January, Judge Linda Reade denied the motion — and even took the unusual step of denying a “certificate of appealability,” which would allow Rubashkin to go ahead with further appeals. The latest filing requests that the appeals court issue the certificate.


  1. The corrupt Injustice system in this Country is clearly anti semitic. They have shown time and again, that they hate Orthodox, “Rabbi looking” Jews like poison.

  2. Even a great country such as ours has imperfect justice. This entire case was unjust, from prosecutorial manipulation of the facts to Judge Reade’s constant, seemingly malicious involvement. Yes, we care more because Rubashkin is one of “ours”, but had he been a Christian, Hindu, Moslem or atheist this would still be a horrible injustice where the punishment far exceeds the crime.

  3. Why can’t the מכשפה be sued? Why not go after her? Isn’t there enough evidence that she – who’s supposed to be impartial – colluded with the prosecution? Why is our system blind? בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידין להיגאל ו


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