Roy Moore: ‘Immorality Has Sunken To A New Low’


Embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) said in an interview released Monday that he’s learned while running for Senate that “immorality has sunken to a new low,” citing political advertisements run by his opponent, Doug Jones (D).

“I think immorality has sunken to a new low. And I think in this race I have been very much impressed with the lack of morality in political advertisements. They say anything, they do anything just to win,” Moore said in an interview with One America News Network.

“I think they hide behind these false ads. It’s just to attack the character of their opponent,” he added. Read more at The Hill.



    • Another fake news naive believer. Do you expect fake news to come back and report the women were paid to smear him as was reported on real news?

        • You are a conspiracy theorist: you are the one who blindly believes evidence-less accusations as long as they fit your liberal prejudices. All I’m saying is: swear in and cross examine the accusers, submit the yearbook for the signature certification, check any political affiliations or financial motives for the accusers – until then, Moore is innocent until proven guilty.

  1. Who are these jews who like this guy? He is the same guy to share an hour a day with the torquemada and sit in his nice home in Italy while the war proceeds in 1942.

    Really, are we just waiting on the drastic war against the men like Elton John that Donald Trump seems to bring forth so well? Last I checked, his tunes are very endurable.

    Seriously, we are jews, not hatcheries for evil. We do not become the wit of the nations by endorsing the seats of the men who are going to do harm to the whole civilization. This includes Donald.

    Where do we go to yeshiva? Maybe its about where we go to the King.

    More to consider in a vote.

    • Torquemada is a name, and as such doesn’t get “the”. He lived in Spain, not in Italy. Five hundred years before 1942. Your defense of “men like Elton John” reveals you as a promoter of perversion. You are a militant ignoramus – a typical liberal.

      • Learn where you are in a planet that works. Elton John music is preferred because of the art of the artist. Not his perversion. It is the real culture to live well beyond your peevish years.

        1942 Italy was the fascists. Clearly you might be aware they did not help the jews and America. The grand inquisitor anyone would be this man’s interested vote. You are nuts I should explain that.

        Help yourself. Turn on a radio and be happy. It is a planetary culture that many know is safe. Remember the holocaust? It was real.

        But the liberals are all giving you too many looks. It might be your sneer. Enjoy.

  2. So, those who give credence to more than thirty witnesses are”conspiracy theorists”? Interesting. By that definition, those who believe 9/11 was NOT a CIA operation are conspiracy theorists, as are those who believe the Las Vegas shooting was NOT a government operation.
    Testimony is evidence. The more witnesses who testify to something, the stronger the evidence is. By your own logic, it’s impossible to prove that George Washington won the revolutionary war, since there’s only witness testimony that he did so.
    In what bizzarro world do Mitch McConnell, Ivanka Trump and so many other Republicans and Trump supporters harbor “liberal prejudices”?
    Now, there’s an accuser who claims he dated her when she was seventeen and he was in his thirties, and has cards written by him to prove it. Is there any point when you stop drinking the kool-aid? (Rhetorical question – we know the answer is “No”.)


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