Roosevelt Didn’t Want Jews


Confidential files kept in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s personal White House safe make it clear that he did not want Jews in the US, Tablet magazine reported.

The private files include documents about the “M Project,” a secret study Roosevelt commissioned in 1942 regarding post-war migration of Europeans, especially Jews.

In 1925, Roosevelt had written a column praising elements of Canada’s immigration policy, especially its regulations “to prevent large groups of foreign born from congregating in any one locality.”

“For a good many years to come, European immigration should remain greatly restricted” as “no sensible American wants this country to be made a dumping ground for foreigners of any nation,” Roosevelt wrote.

Headed by the anti-Semitic Isaiah Bowman, president of Johns Hopkins University, Project M. produced memos on plans for Jewish settlement in northwestern Australia, rice farming in Manchukuo, settlement possibilities in Nigeria, and scores of other topics.

What the President endorsed was “essentially…  to spread the Jews thin all over the world” rather than congregate anywhere in large numbers, Vice President Henry Wallace wrote in 1943.



  1. Neither Roosevelt or Churchill wanted the Jews and were quite alright with the Hitler’s attempt to exterminate them.
    Instructions to the US embassies in Europe not to grand visas to Jews trying to escape Europe has long been documented. The refusal to allow the ship Liberty to dock was well known.
    When British intelligence tried to report to Britain on the holocaust, they were told not to send such reports.
    There are so many instances of refusal to save the Jews that to declare this “New” discovery that they found this evidence that Roosevelt didn’t want the Jews is silly!

  2. Though FDR is regularly ranked as one of the greatest presidents by historians, the blood of countless Jews he could have rescued but didn’t is forever on his hands.

    • Because Jews were blinded by the money the Democrats handed out. Which is why some are still upset that Hillary lost. From Obama they got fridges and cellphones and all kinds of programs, and who knows what Hillary would have handed out. But Trump doesn’t go for this. He’s out to make the economy great again and everyone should have. Today, b”H the frum Jews have more and know better than to vote for lowlifes.


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