Ron Paul Claims ‘I’m Pretty Mainstream’



Calling attacks on his positions “gross distortions,” Rep. Ron Paul said on Shabbos that he’s “pretty mainstream” and could win the Republican presidential nomination.

Paul is virtually tied for the lead in Iowa, according to the latest Des Moines Register survey, but his opponents have been hammering his positions as too radical. The Register poll found that 29 percent of likely caucus-goers thought Paul was unelectable.

“I’ve been pretty electable,” Paul said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” referring to his 12 terms in Congress.

“The big question is: Why are the rallies going so well for me? Why are the crowds getting bigger and bigger?” Paul said.

“I would say I’m pretty main stream. I think the people who are attacking me right now are the ones who can’t defend their records.”

Many of the criticisms have focused on Paul’s foreign policy proposals. The libertarian lawmaker has said that the U.S. should not be as adventurous around the world.

“Other candidates say, ‘oh, it’s dangerous’ believing in the Constitution and believing you shouldn’t go to war unless you declare the war,” Paul said on “Fox News Sunday.”

{The Hill/ Newscenter}


  1. Flounders like a fish on the bottom of the ocean that is flat and ugly and tastes good on your kosher meal plate. Of course they are not to the liking of the rest of the fish of the sea so if Mr. Paul is popular and mainstream among the flounders, I doubt he has a go with the rest; but hey, give Mr. Paul a try. Maybe we will have fascism sooner in America and maybe we will lose our entire international presence too! Get rid of the bases in Germany, Japan, Korea and elsewhere and just sit on our hides here in America! Wow. Mr. Paul is really the man of the future.
    Of course his philosophy is “Give me liberty or give me a poptart”.. That is how committed he is to freedom.
    Good for Mr. Paul. I was so releived to learn that you did not wish to ‘rescue the jews’ in WW2 and that Mr. Hitler was not an American concern. Can you say “Guten Morgen in Washington, D.C.”? I think not!


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