Ron Paul: Befriend Iran to Achieve Peace


ron-paulGOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says “offering friendship” to Iran, not sanctions, would be a more fruitful to achieving peace with Tehran.

The Texas congressman says fears about Iran’s nuclear program have been “blown out of proportion.” He says tough penalties are a mistake because, as he says was the case in Iraq, they only hurt the local population and still paved a path to war.

When asked on “Fox News Sunday” what he would do to deter Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions, Paul said “maybe offering friendship to them.”

Paul’s remarks put him at odds with both the Bush and Obama administrations; U.S. policy has relied heavily on sanctions and diplomacy to try to convince Tehran to abandon its atomic program. Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful.

{The Associated Press/ Newscenter}


  1. He means well, but he doesn’t understand the mind of a despot. Even if you befriend them, they will still stick a knife in your back. They cannot be trusted.

  2. this site explains the hypocrisy of treating Paul with kid gloves while maligning Obama.

    according to the comment above, why does Paul mean well and Obama doesn’t?

    Paul wants all aid to Israel stopped and wants all arms provided to Israel to be paid for, something Israel isn’t in a position to do

    Obama has urged congress to approve more aid and sent 55 bunker busters to them, as well as approved 3 billion more in loan guarantees– Paul is against loan guarantees unless the cost of the interest of the LG is paid for by the one to whom they are loaned.

    Obama approved sales of f35s which will be paid ( mostly) by this US money.

    So why the hypocrisy in treatment of Obama?

    The answer is like the link says, the republicans were silent when bush and condi rice were tearing Israel and forcing push back on natural growth of settlements in east Jerusalem and all the rest of the legal settlements, and the media suppressed the fact that the Republicans were suppressing all rebuke against Bush which they hypocritically engage in against Obama.

  3. This was exactly the strategy pursued by President Obama early in his tenure. It did not achieve anything at all. Why do we have to have each president learn from scratch what has already been learned in the past.

  4. Although I generally tend to disagree with George Orwell, he’s right on the money this time. Paul means well? He’s a bumbling, anti-semitic, radical idiot. Both his voting record and his numerous debate comments consistently show him to be anti-Israel. If by some miracle he wins the nomination, any Jew who votes for him over Obama because Obama is “not pro-Israel” is a blind fool.


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