Ron Paul Agrees With Putin


ron-paul3Former congressman Ron Paul said today that Crimea should be able to break away and join Russia, using much the same language Vladimir Putin has.

“That is our how our country was started,” he said. “It was the right of self-determination, and voting, and asking and even fighting for it, and seceding.” Paul said the U.S. had engineered a coup in Kiev against the Yanukovych government. “Our hands are not clean.” Finally, he called U.S. sanctions against Moscow an “act of war.”

His son Rand Paul recently said: “If I were president, I wouldn’t let Vladimir Putin get away with it.” Read more at The Guardian.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Secession is a big deal. Paul is a fool to think that he can just break away a state and join another. If creating a new republic is not enough to start your day, fix your own family and name. Mr. Paul is like a bean bag that gets dropped from the highest tower and wonders why it broke open. A fool with a stool to sit on in his world. Give him no credence. His ways are not American Culture.

    Never Again.


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