Romney Wins GOP Primaries In Connecticut, RI


romneyMitt Romney has won the Republican presidential primaries in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

They are the first in a string of five state primaries being held today. The others are in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The five primaries are the first since Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign two weeks ago – essentially conceding the GOP nomination to Romney.

Romney is still more than 400 GOP national convention delegates shy of the nominating majority he needs.

There are 209 delegates at stake in Tuesday’s primaries. Romney started the day with 698 delegates, compared with 260 for Santorum, 137 for Newt Gingrich and 75 for Ron Paul.

Romney needs 1,144 to formally gain the nomination this summer at the party’s convention.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. So basically a few people in Liberal – Iowa & New Hampshire decided who our next Republican nominee is. Sure, that makes sense! We really have to end the primary process! Just go by the media & poll numbers. The dumb stupid voter doesn’t matter anyway! So we are told by the left wing media to get behind the Liberal Mitt Romney & “unite” the party. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The only remaining question is: How fast will Romney pull a John McCain & throw the election to Obama?!

  2. Big deal! The northeast is known to be very Liberal! It just goes to prove that Romney is & will be moderate to liberal! He will be another Bill Clinton.


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