Romney Warns: Re-elect Obama and Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons


romneySnellville, Ga. – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney warned voters here Sunday that if President Obama were elected to a second term, “Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change.”

Romney’s comments came just over an hour after Obama delivered a speech in Washington in which he urged Israel and its American supporters to allow more time for economic sanctions to help thwart the Islamic Republic’s nuclear development.

“This is a president who has failed to put into place crippling sanctions against Iran,” Romney said. “He’s also failed to communicate that military options are on the table and in fact in our hand. And that it’s unacceptable to America for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.

“I will have those military options, I will take those crippling sanctions and put them into place, and I will speak out to the Iranian people of the peril of them becoming nuclear,” Romney said. “It’s pretty straight-forward in my view. If Barack Obama is reelected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change if that’s the case.”

Romney’s remarks came in response to a question from an 11-year-old boy at a campaign stop in Snellville, a suburb of Atlanta. Romney served pancakes with his wife, Ann, to an overflow crowd of more than 1,000 at a high school here before delivering a stump speech and taking questions from the audience.

On Tuesday, Romney plans a satellite address to the annual policy conferenceof the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, the same powerful lobbying group Obama addressed on Sunday.

{Washington Post/ Newscenter}


  1. unfortunatly he is right obama is way to soft with the arabs and radicals it is dangerous “one who has pity for those whom do not deserve it will not have pity for those who do” (king shaul had pity on aggag of amalek and ended up killing eer nov of kohanim)

  2. Iran already has 5 nuclear weapons and they have nuclear weapons last years and Israel want to attack a country that already had nuclear weapons and get the USA involved in that! and put US soldiers lives at risk. Obama is doing the right thing by letting this one go and because they already had weapon Israel still was to attack the country! Israel is nuts! the like the Right Wing Republicans.

  3. You better the Left Wing Socialist take Israel now and turn Israel back the Lion of Judah. Because now the Socialist finally start taking control of Israel which Obama wants really.


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