Romney to Host $60,000-a-Plate Fundraiser in Yerushalayaim on Tisha B’Av


romneyPresumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is planning a $60,000-a-plate fundraiser in Yerushalayim, a source told The Jerusalem Post.

The Post said in an exclusive report attendees would fly in from the United States for the July 29 event.

After the fundraiser, Romney was reported planning to host a conference in Yerushalayim where he will outline his Middle East policy.

Jonny Daniels, an Israeli Republican political consultant, told the newspaper Romney would meet with President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, opposition leader Shelly Yechimovich and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“It’s going to be a statesmanlike visit because [Romney] needs to be careful how everything is perceived,” Daniels said.

Romney is likely to face a request from both Netanyahu and Peres to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, a U.S. intelligence analyst convicted of spying for Israel and sentenced to life in 1987, Daniels said. Repeated requests from Israel to release Pollard have been routinely rebuffed.

Romney was scheduled to leave Israel July 31, with a possible stop in Germany en route back to the United States, Daniels said.

Source: United Press International, Inc.

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  1. This is shamful and insensitive. We must all vote for Obama, our true savior who loves Israel and Jews so much because he read books about them.

  2. wow on tisha b’av, whats the menu & hechshar going to be? am i allowed to eat on tsha b’av after paying $60,000?

    WHAT A CHILLUL HASHEM THIS WOULD BE if anyone showed that romney is more important then the bais hamikdosh

    i.e. make no mistake romney is better then obama BUT everything has its limits & THIS IS HASHEM’S test to see where klal yisroel is holding when it comes to YEARNING for the rebuilding of the bais Hamikdosh IY”H

    when a person does more then daven & say tehillim BUT ALSO yearns for it (be for a child, parnassa or shidduch etc…) thats when he/she is answered by Hashem


  3. Cool it. He was misinformed.
    It would be much more useful if someone can get a contact email to inform them of this mistake.
    You can also explain that it is plain Bad Luck to have this dinner then.

  4. Someone should explain rather frankly and quickly to candidate Romney that a meeting held on this date, would be highly insensitive to his efforts to attract Jewish and pro-Israeli voters.

    It is said that even Napoleon expressed his astonishment when he came upon a jewish community observing Tisha B’Av, at the time.

    (After witnessing all the artrocities which have befallen us over the years even the most disattached observe this day in some fashion or another).

  5. i think that maybe he should be on the chofetz chaim heritage foundations tish’a b’av video and outline his peace plan.

  6. Why is everyone so up in arms about this? Why are you not up in arms about the weekly Chilul Shabbos that takes place throughout Ertez Yisrael. Where is your outrage when the Government descrates ancient graves? This is nothing compared to the constant transgressions of the Torah, the Israeli Government commits every day

  7. Don’t qwetch! Rather, send an e-mail to the Republican Party ( and inform them
    the significance of the this date in the Jewish calendar (fasting and mourning for the First and Second Temples), and suggest respectfully to move the fundraising event to the following day. You may be surprised. How would they know of Tisha B’Av?

  8. I HOPE that the dinner is scheduled for AFTER the fast (it goes out where I am at 8:44 — I don’t know what time in Yerushalayim)

    Jonny Daniels, the Israeli “political consultant” SURELY was aware of this when he set this up. Please note that he does NOT work for the Romney campaign, he schedules events –like the Glen Beck thing last summer. You call him and say “Hey, we want to do a fundraiser in Israel”

    If, however, it does occur before the fast is over, please don’t blame Romney (nu? a mormon knows from Tisha B’Av??); blame Daniels.

  9. there are several million jews in eretz yisroel who don’t fast on that day; but an american goy needs to? why isn’t there a headline stating ” 60,000 jews in jerualsem will be eating on tishe b’av” ?

  10. 3. Comment from Hot Air
    Time July 11, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    This is shamful and insensitive.

    You are absolutely right: your whole posting is a sham.

  11. It shouldn’t detract Jewish voters at all. A lot of Jews have never even heard of Tisha B’Av, let alone a non-Jew. Innocent mistake.

  12. If this is how he runs his campaign, how would he run the government? You have to do your homework – and he obviously hasn’t done his. The Republican party deserves better than this. What happened to GOP candidates the caliber of Ike Eisenhower? Even Mr. Nixon, for all his illegalities, was a competent president. Why were there no outstanding Republican candidates this year? Is everyone afraid of getting skunked by the Tea Party?


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