Romney Says His Campaign Doesn’t Need A ‘Turnaround’


romneyMitt Romney insisted his campaign is not in need of a “turnaround” in spite of polls showing President Barack Obama expanding his lead in battleground states.

In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” the Republican presidential nominee rejected criticism from conservative pundits who have called his campaign incompetent.

“It doesn’t need a turnaround,” Romney insisted, pointing to national polls that have him “tied” with Obama. “I’ve got a very effective campaign. It’s doing a very good job.”

Asked about GOP worries over a hidden video that caught him dismissing Obama supporters-which he estimated to be 47 percent of the country-as having a victim mentality and being too dependent on the government, Romney said he was responsible for those comments, not his campaign.

“That’s not the campaign,” Romney said. “That was me, right?”

Asked about criticism that he’s changed his positions on issues like abortion and gay marriage for political reasons, Romney insisted he’s still following “the principals I’ve had from the beginning of my political life.”

“But have I learned? Have I found that some things I thought would be effective turned out not to be effective? Absolutely,” Romney said. “If you don’t learn from experience, you don’t learn from your mistakes, why, you know, you ought to be fired.”

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  1. romney just got his “turnaround”. The news reports today that he endorses ER visits for the uninsured! Got Runny nose? The ER doc that is over burdened can help you! Wow. Dog eat health care world!


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