Romney: Obama’s a Failed Leader


mitt-romneyThe ex-presidential candidate’s claws are out, shredding Obama’s foreign policy and “failed leadership.” In a Wall Street Journal editorial, Mitt Romney ripped Obama’s policy towards Russia, North Korea, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and Afghanistan.

“Why, across the world, are America’s hands so tied?,” he writes. “A large part of the answer is our leader’s terrible timing. We failed to act at the propitious point; that moment having passed, we were left without acceptable options.”

He didn’t confine his criticism just to Obama, though, adding Hillary Clinton to the rebuke for their joint “failure to act when action was possible, and needed.” Read more at Wall Street Journal.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. If you were truly so concerned, you wouldn’t of folded like a cheap camera when you “ran” against Hussain! You acted like a little scared baby! You didnt want to be called the “R” word! You were only aggressive against Santorum! What a tough guy you are now!

  2. If Romney had seriously gone after Obama in 2012, against the advice of his useless consultants, he could have been elected. They said play nice and you’ll attract moderates. They didn’t realize he had to rally his base.

  3. Agree with romney.

    It’s the factr that so many scandels are just sort of “happening”

    and obama, irs, cia fail… fail fail… and many more failure storys’

    why coudn’t america try out romney apposed to obama for 8 years???


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