Romney: ‘No Question’ I’d Be Better President Than Hillary


mitt-romneyThis morning on Fox News Sunday, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said there’s “no question” that he’d be a better president than Hillary Clinton.

“You mentioned Hillary Clinton,” said host Chris Wallace. “Do you think you’d make a better president than Hillary Clinton?”

“No question about that, in my mind,” Romney said. “The American people may disagree with me. You’ve got to get this economy going. You have to have people who understand what it takes to create jobs and to help people come out of poverty, to help the middle class have a better and more prosperous future. You’ve got to have that understanding.

“You’ve also got to have people who’ve actually run something. The government of the United States is the largest enterprise in the world. You watched a president who just doesn’t understand how to make an administration work, how to interact with Congress, how to get things done.

“You have to have those things. And I don’t think Hillary Clinton has that experience. I look, for instance at her record as secretary of state — look, her record is Barack Obama’s record in foreign policy. It’s a disaster. … Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two peas in the same pod.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Romney said he won’t be running for president again.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Why did he give up the presidency when he ran the first time, will he give up the presidency again when it gets a little rough. We need someone who really wants to be president and not just to show up.

  2. I hate this guy, Romney. When he had a chance to become the President, he folded like a cheap camera and screwed the Republicans. He was so petrified to critisize Obama because he didn’t want to be called a “RACIST” by NPR. Why can’t the corrupt media just ignore the coward already?


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