Rocks To A Gunfight: Ambushed By Rock Throwers, Shomron Man Forced To Use Gun


An Israeli driving through the Shomron today unwittingly drove right into a trap set up terrorists, who had stockpiled rocks and were launching them at the vehicle.

Fortunately for the driver, he had come prepared. Fearing for his life, the Israeli pulled out his gun and began to return fire at his assailants. By the time it was over, one Arab was dead and the other wounded. There will be a full police investigation into the standoff.


  1. In any normal country that would be considered a justifiable self defense – even one rock can easily kill or maim a person, besides there was a valid expectation that the assailants would not contend with throwing a single rock, but would continue with numerous rocks, culminating in dragging the driver out of the vehicle for a lynching ritual murder. With all that, watch the Israeli judenrat courts charging the man. It’s erev rav who are source of the problem, Arabs are just their tool.

  2. Ty These pictures almost brought tears to my eyes and made my heart have warm fuzzy feelings. About time. Just wish there would have been more terrorist casualties. When is this settler going to jail?

  3. When you have the most corrupt Government in the entire Middle East, Israel, who views Meir Ettinger as a greater threat to their survival than the blood thirsty terrorists of Gaza, you are done as a Nation!

  4. i want to see the other side in which his car should have rock damage how do we know that the Palestinians
    threw rocks my point don’t judge so quickly

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