Rockland County Orders Measles Patients To Stay Indoors – Or Risk $2000 Fine


Rockland County officials this morning announced a “Communicable Disease and Exposure Exclusion Order” that mandates anyone with measles to stay home, and those exposed stay out of public spaces throughout the county, LoHud reports.

The new offensive was unveiled by County Executive Ed Day and Commissioner of Health Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert on the same day the county announced there have been 186 confirmed measles cases since the outbreak began in October. Ruppert also said she is sure there have been more cases that the county cannot verify.

Further, Ruppert announced during a press conference today, all students in two ZIP codes — 10952 and 10977 — must stay home from school if they cannot document that they have received an MMR vaccine nor show immunity to the diseases covered by the shot, which includes measles, mumps and rubella. Exceptions will be made for students who have medical or religious exemptions.

Those who do not comply face a $2,000-a-day fine.

Read more at LoHud.



  1. דוס איז ניט יושר. איך בין נישט שולדיק אז איך דארפערט זיך טאג און נאכט.

  2. Shouldn’t that be common sense that if someone is sick with anything transmittable,they shouldnt be anywhere but home?
    Its pretty sad that we need to be told this by the govt-derech eretz kadma latorah. Isn’t it a bit inconsiderate when a person is sick to go out and infect the rest of the world?


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