Rockland: Aron Wieder Elected Majority Leader of County Legislature


aron-wiederRockland, NY – Aron Wieder, the only Chasidic member of the Rockland County NY Legislature, was elected Majority Leader by his fellow Democratic collogues Tuesday Night. This development means that County Executive-Elect Ed Day, a Republican who won due to an anti-Chasidic Preserve Ramapo bloc, will need to work with Mr. Wieder to pass through his agenda.

It was a mere two years ago that Mr. Wieder was first elected to the 17-member chamber. In this short period, he developed working relationships with almost all his collogues, including Republicans and including those who are not perceived as friendly to the Orthodox Jewish Community.

Mr. Wieder’s rise comes at a good time for County Democrats because Mr. Day is leaving the Legislature to assume the County Executive position. The Democratic Majority will install a Democrat on Day’s Republican place; giving them 12 seats which is enough to override Mr. Day Vetoes. In addition, some in the five-member GOP Caucus are not at all waiting to approve everything Mr. Day sends their way.

Alden H. Wolfe was elected Chairman. (His job resembles the one of the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington DC.).

Rockland County has a population of more than 320,000, including 90K Jews almost half of which are Orthodox Jewish. It’s the second largest concentration of Jews in the United States after Brooklyn.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Doing it the right way works. Mr. Wieder went through the usual political channels and built a reputation by working honestly with all his colleagues. He is now in a position to benefit not only his won group but the whole electorate. Yashir koach to him.

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