Roberts Sukkos Carnival 5779: “Don’t Bring Children Who Are Not Immunized”


Lakewood, NJ – Once again, this Chol Hamoed, Kollel Ner Avrohom and Dr. Casriel Roberts will sponsor a Sukkos carnival for the Lakewood community. The event will be held on Thursday, September 27, from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at the Lakewood Cheder’s Vassar Avenue campus. There will not be a rain date.

Attendees will park in the two Cheder parking lots, with overflow parking at the Orchos Chaim parking lot on Oberlin Avenue.

There will be shows inside the school lunchroom and outside the main entrance, weather permitting. Cotton candy, popcorn, sour belts and Light-Up Gyro Wheels will be distributed outside the wedding hall entrance.

Lost children should be brought under the canopy outside the main entrance. If your child does not know your cell phone number, please write it on a piece of tape and place it on the back of your child’s clothing.

There will be half-hour shows, performed three times each. On the inside stage, renowned storyteller Rabbi Benny Weilgus will perform at noon, 1:45 and 3:45, and The Paper Airplane Guy, a Guiness world record holder, will give a live demonstration at 12:45, 2:30 and 4:30. On the outdoor stage, the Raptor Bird Show will take place at 11:45, 1:45 and 4:15, and the Jabali African Acrobats will perform at 12:45, 2:45 and 4:45.

This is a B’lev Echad event that is organized and operated by B’lev Echad. The cost is being covered by Kollel Ner Avrohom, Inc.

Everything will be free. Nothing will be available to be purchased or paid for.

The event organizers ask that attendees not endanger others by bringing someone who is not immunized.


Outside Stage   Inside Stage
Raptor Bird Show 11:45
11:45-12:15 12:00 R’ Weilgus Storyteller
12:15 12:00-12:30
Jabali African Acrobats 12:45  
12:45-1:15 1:00 The Paper Airplane Guy
  1:15 12:45-1:30
Raptor Bird Show 1:45 R’ Weilgus Storyteller
1:45-2:15 2:00 1:45-2:15
Jabali African Acrobats 2:45 The Paper Airplane Guy
2:45-3:15 3:00 2:30-3:15
Raptor Bird Show 3:45 R’ Weilgus Storyteller
3:45-4:15 4:00 3:45-4:15
Jabali African Acrobats 4:45 The Paper Airplane Guy
4:45-5:15 5:00 4:30-5:15




  1. the headline is misleading. It says not to bring “Children” who are not immunized. The article says not to bring “someone” who is not immunized. The flu season starts later. Do I have to have had the flu shot last year in order to go to the carnival? Do all the adults have all the immunizations that their kids have? Do the parents have Hepatitis B immunizations? How can they come, if they are endangering others, bec. they are not immunized? Did Dr Roberts check the shows? Did he himself get all four Hepatitis B vaccines? Does he really think he is endagneirng others by not getting the Hepatitis B vaccine? Does he now that Hepatitis B is spread by dirty needles that drug adicts use? Is he insinuating that the olam at the casrnival will be sharing needles? Are all the african acrobats immunized? Did they show Dr. Roberts their immunization records? How about bachurim? Which immunizations do they have? Have the birds all gotten their shots? Why aren’t they more specific about which shots are necessary to avoid endangering others?

    • Fear no more! here to answer all your questions!
      1) No, mai d’havi havi
      2) No, just all recommended by the CDC
      3) No (see #2)
      4) they arent, Hep B is blood borne. They expect no blood at the carnival this year
      5) Yes
      6) Yes
      7) No, he’d be endangering himself
      8) He does, among other ways
      9) No
      10) Yes, they are smarter than many attendees
      11) No,
      12) How about them?
      13) Hopefully all recommended by the CDC
      14) Yes
      15) If you have any safek, that you or your family member might not be immunized for a disease that can affect others. Just to be safe, don’t come

      • answer 4. so why does the CDC require 12 HOUR old infnats to get the Hepatitis B shot!! No reason at all. They are politicallyk correct, and don’t want to test the mothers, so they give all babies the Hep B shot. Why do you think it would endanger Dr. R, and not newborn infants?

  2. Total silliness. Either you invite everyone or don’t have the whole carnival. Discriminating is very hurtful. Who does the Dr. think he is? All this fake self righteousness is nauseating.

    • You know what else causes nausea? Polio. It also causes fever, paralysis, and death. It is no longer popular because of the vaccine. “Total silliness” would be allowing people who are intentionally spreading disease to be “hurtful” to everyone else.

  3. Since a similar post last year before Succos I made a habit of asking doctors – of all ages (some even retired) and with expertise in all areas (primary, pediatrician, podiatrist, dermatologist etc. – all have been to medical school and learned much more than any layman) what they think about vaccinating children. When the tally was 25 to 0 in favor I began to lose count. Those anti vaccines should be anti aspirin, coffee and…who knows? Maybe the moon landing and even September 11 were a hoax.

    • Try asking toxicologists about the possibilty of harm from injecting formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, msg, polysorbate 80 , monkey dna into newborn babies.
      Wonder what the tally would be?

  4. Interesting comments.
    To Unvact: Don’t be upset, you got the better end of the deal.
    To hear we go again: I asked 25 real professional journalists if they think our president is fit for office… What do you expect?

  5. Will all the performers be vaccinated??? Will those distributing the ice cream, candies, sour belts, and all the other wonderful “healthy” “snacks” be vaccinated? Is Rabbi Weilgus fully up to date on his vaccinations? Are those goyim who will be directing traffic/parking up do date on all their vaccinations? I can’t chas vishalom take any chances! Until I have all the answers verified, it’s mamesh a Sakana to allow my precious kinderlach to attend such an irresponsible event! Al tiftach peh, who knows if Cholera might chas vishalom break out at the carnival?!

  6. Never shy from asking questions
    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) Yes
    4) Yes
    5) By all means do not take any chances! if you feel at risk don’t come. Unlike an evil decision not to protect children from deadly diseases that can infect others. Other than depriving your children of some fun, there is no harm in skipping the carnival. Do not feel pressured to go

  7. I think Dr Roberts is 100% right in asking those that have not vaccinated their children, not to bring them to an event that he is funding.
    He feels that if c”v someone got sick from coming in contact with a not-vaccinated child, he would be considered somewhat a “gorem”, and he wants no part of that.
    Kol Hakovod
    You don’t go to someones house and do what you want, when the owner specifically said that he does not want that done in his house
    Why is this any different?
    That’s besides the point that he is also correct on the issue. PERIOD. Don’t really care what you think. Do what you want with your kids, but don’t come near my kid in school, in camp, in shul, in the park, etc.

    • of course he can invite anyone he wants to his private party. But inall the years that he has been making this carnival, last year was the first time he did not invite unvaccinated people. I wonder how many people got sick at his previous carnivals, when everyone was invited? I think he should also not invite anyone who is sick, or who has fever, or who is sneezing alot, etc. I hope the parents are responsible to know on their own not to go to a public event with a child who is not feeling well.


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