Rob Ford Botches Spring Forward


rob-fordFile this under #NotSuprised. Toronto’s infamous mayor, Rob Ford, confused the daylight savings protocol and offered up misguided advice on Twitter. As most of us know, the message is to “spring forward, fall back,” but Ford advised his 130,000 followers to “turn your clocks back.”

Although a new tweet was posted with the correct direction to turn clocks forwards, the gaffe reveals the lack of stability in Ford’s office. Toronto weekly Now reported that the mayor recently lost his social media manager, who doubled as his receptionist and was one of the last remaining staffers who had stayed on since videos of his crack-smoking went public. Presumably, this means we can expect only more well-publicized errors, if that is possible. Read more at Los Angeles Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. For one he still will not spent someone else’s money as many liberals, staring from the top of the political spectram, i.e prez, gov, and the new mayor from nyc, will do


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