Riskin Opposes Shabbos “Coercion”


In a Times of Israel blog, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat, recommended the abandonment of religious coercion.

Opposing “the promulgation of laws that secular Israelis neither understand nor accept,” he advocates influencing the secular “through their understanding that the religious community loves and respects them, and that the religious will make every attempt not to enforce, but to inspire.”

He says that “most Israeli citizens would understand and even agree to the closing of commercial businesses on (Shabbos)” and recommends “running non-Jewish-controlled bus lines for non-religious areas, so that secular Jews without cars would not experience undeserved hardship because of (Shabbos).”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. “Undeserved hardships because of Shabbos”???!!!

    So he is encouraging chillul Shabbos R”L?
    This person is mamesh an apikorus!
    Terrible terrible thing to say!

  2. I FORGOT, who is this guy riskin again?
    WOW How much is that custom tailored suit he wears ?
    I knew I should have studied to be a rabbi, I would get to dress so sharp also.

  3. This guy is a out to destroy the Torah. He has a Christian Jewish organization, among the other terrible things he does. He himself said Yushka is his role model.


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