Riskin Appoints Woman to Head Property Beis Din


After completing a five-year course in Gemara and halacha at the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute for Halachic Leadership (WIHL) at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Yerushalayim, Jennie Rosenfeld was appointed by Efrat Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin to serve as director of a beis din for financial matters in his West Bank town.

She will not actually serve as one of its dayonim.

Last year, Rabbi Riskin made a historical first when he appointed her as a religious leader of Efrat. She was not appointed as a rabbinical head but as an assistant rabbi. At that time, WIHL Director Rabbi Shmuel Klitsner said this was the first time a woman was ever appointed to official communal leadership in Israel.

Rosenfeld’s appointment as assistant rabbi was followed this August by the appointment of Carmit Feintuch, a former teacher at the Migdal Oz seminary in Gush Etzion, as a spiritual leader of the 140-member religious-Zionist Ramban Shul in the south Yerushalayim Katamon neighborhood. She works in parallel with the kehillah’s rabbi under the title of rabbanit. (This shul should not be confused with the original Ramban Shul in the Old City.)

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Did you have to make me sick to my stomach by reporting this insult to our mesora? These renegades don’t deserve the time of day so why sully your site by reporting their dastardly deeds?

  2. This is an outrage for the sake of mesora and humane honored commercial vote for the faith of Abraham.

    Sarah was not the billing department for the pharaoh.

    Very bad.

  3. He is NOT a Rabbi, maybe a secular leader. Secular because he takes minimal inspiration from Torah. Most of his philosophy follows current secular trends. Mesorah and true Torah scholarship mean little to him.

  4. cyrano – There are women who know the difference better than you do. Whether you differ with them hashkafically or not, they still do exist.

    everyone else – Just because you differ with someone in hashkafah (and I myself certainly do with respect to Rabbi Riskin) doesn’t mean they’re not a “real Rabbi”. He is a Rabbi, get over it. And no, it is not assur to show him basic derech eretz. It is sad that we can’t disagree with someone, even vehemently, without having to totally denigrate him and tear him down personally. This is yet another sad manifestation of the sinas chinum that keeps us in galus.

    • To the “An Ancient Wall of Stone”: You claim that there are women who know the difference better than I do. All I asked was if Ms. Rosenfeld is one of those women. By the way, can you actually name some of the women who know the difference “better” than I do? That is quite a task since you don’t know who I am and how much precisely do I know.

      Better yet, “An Ancient Wall of Stone”, do YOU know the difference between a “modeh b’miktzas” and an “utzitz nukoov?

  5. When you want to call him a rabbi I guess it depends who gets to make a definition but he definitely does not subscribe to Joe or perspective and I can also tell you that he licks the toes of the highest donator and there’s no law that can’t be modified for the right price. So please don’t talk about his greatness which is nonexistent he’s going to get upstairs expecting a lot of honor boy is he going to be shocked

  6. He’s not just a guy that we disagree with. He’s a kofer b’ikar. If you disagree then you don’t know him. Go read some of his writings and you’ll see. If you still disagree then your a kofer too


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