Ridiculous: Pentagon Paid $2 Million Per Syrian Trainee


pentagon syria traineeThe Pentagon’s program to train moderate Syrians to combat ISIS cost the U.S. roughly $384 million, USA Today reported on Thursday.

Citing interviews and spending figures, USA Today found the Pentagon spent $2 million to train each fighter. The program, which was shuttered last month, was expected to train 3,000 forces this year and 5,000 every year following.

The U.S. had intended to spend $500 million on the program in 2015. Only 180 Syrians graduated the program, of which 145 remain and only 95 fighters are currently in Syria, according to the paper. The Pentagon contested the figure, arguing each trainee only cost $30,000 and that it invested most of the money in equipment and arms. Read more at USA Today.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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