Rick Perry Deals With the ‘Dumb’ Question On Hannity


rick-perry3Fort Worth, Texas – Between events in Fort Worth and Dallas Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry called in to conservative pundit Sean Hannity’s radio show, and the host brought up a controversial story published by the online publication Politico this week with the headline “Is Rick Perry Dumb?”

“What’s dumb is to oversee an economy that has lost that many millions of jobs … to downgrade the credit of this country … to put fiscal policies in place that were a disaster back in the ’30s and try them again in 2000s,” Perry said.

Hannity quickly warned that the thought listeners will take away from the interview could be: “Perry calls Obama policies ‘dumb.'”

“Are you ready for that headline?” Hannity asked.

“America is ready for leadership,” Perry said.

Perry continued on the intellect theme, explaining why he thinks it’s a problem that many of Obama’s advisers come from academia.

“They have gone to some great schools and they are intellectually smart, but he does not have wise people around him … He has listened to smart people but nobody who has real wisdom,” Perry said.

{Boston Herald/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. But he didn’t say anything. All he did was call Obama and his advisors “dumb”. So what is the answer to “Is Rick Perry Dumb”?

  2. #2, that may be so, but will he be a great friend to the economy and the world situation. Does he really have what it takes to be President of the United States?
    Romney is also a great friend of Yidden and Israel.

  3. One thing I know for sure. 85% of American Jews ARE dumb. They voted for Obama. He has been carrying out what he promised during his election campaign. He was a known quantity. He didn’t pull any surprises. Are we surprised things turned out this bad? If we are surprised, then we are indeed dumb. Very dumb.

  4. The press is associating all the GOP prospective presidential candidates with idiotic stories trying to manipulate public perspective. Perry knows this. Yet, they do very little to slant anything about Obama.

  5. Yes Perry is phenominal. His real campaign slogan is “A chicken in every pot and a new testament on everyones bookshelf”. Sorry if I stick with Mr. Obama.

  6. Beethoven, what a meaningless argument. Are you afraid that Perry is going to convert YOU? Is the fact that he’s a very religious Xtian relevent to the major issues that our people, our country and the world face?

  7. To comment number 8:
    The point is that the fellow wants to thrust his religious life and workings into the public fray. I clearly wont have a new testament on my shelf as if that was what I was saying here. He can be as religious as he wants but when he starts organizing prayer sessions in stadiums and making the religious ideas the public issue, he has gone astray as a public servant. Thats my contention.


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