Residents From New York & New Jersey Flock To Pennsylvania To Buy Fireworks


july-4-fireworksEvery year leading up to the Fourth of July, there is a rush to buy fireworks out of New York State. This year is no different. An 18-year-old from Yonkers and his father – who wouldn’t reveal their names – said Tuesday that this July 4 will be a blast.

They both drove just over the Pennsylvania state line to a fireworks outlet in Marshalls Creek, which caters to out-of-state residents searching for a fireworks fix.

“Having a barbecue, and we’re gonna surprise our guests with a little fireworks show,” the teen told CBS 2′s Derricke Dennis. “We take all the precautions to have a safe Fourth of July.”

The catch is that all of the fireworks are illegal to possess, sell or transport without a permit in New York and New Jersey.

“I know it’s dangerous, but with proper supervision, I think it could be done right,” the teen’s father said.

The parking lot at the outlet was filled with New Jersey and New York license plates. The owner of the business said buying there was perfectly legal by Pennsylvania state law.

“We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture to sell fireworks to people that are going to transport them out of the Commonwealth,” said Ken Schuchman, owner of the outlet.

“We caution them to do what they need to do, but that’s not really our responsibility,” he said.

Schuchman estimated that 75 percent of his business is from New York and New Jersey residents.

The father and son that Dennis met said legal or not, they’ll go on with their Fourth of July fireworks plans – choosing to cash and carry at their own risk.

In New York and New Jersey, fireworks possession is a misdemeanor offense. However, possession with the intent to sell could mean 18 months in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

{CBS New York/ Newscenter}


  1. This is insane. We are going to other states to buy dangerous things that we can’t buy in our own state? Why don’t you just buy a gun, load it, and give it to your kids to play with? That’s what you’re doing with fireworks. Check out Mark Twain’s rant from a CENTURY ago talking about how the idiots of his day maimed themselves playing with fireworks. You’d think we’d have learned a little, don’t you? Or do your children really need all ten fingers and both hands? They aren’t going to be musicians, are they? Or both eyes? After all, the second one is a spare, isn’t it?

    I once made the mistake of walking through Flatbush/Boro Park on July 4th, and nearly got brained by a falling firework cannister, so I’m not just talking theory here.


  2. I’m pretty sure it’s legal to transport them in New York State, just not in the city. It’s illegal in all of Jersey, though.


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