Reports: Nasrallah Has Cancer, Flown to Iran for Treatment


nasrallahThe Turkish Anatolia News Agency reported today that Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah became ill a few days ago, was admitted to a private hospital in Beirut and later flown to Tehran, this after a number of Lebanese news outlets reported over the past 24 hours that Nasrallah was diagnosed with cancer and is being treated in Iran. The reports have not been confirmed.

The Turkish news agency quoted “knowledgeable sources affiliated with Hezbollah” as saying that Nasrallah was flown to Iran after being released from a hospital in south Beirut. His flight left from the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, they said.

The sources said the leader of the Lebanese terror group was in stable condition and that he remains hospitalized in Iran.

A Hezbollah source denied the reports in an interview with the Al Mayadeen satellite network on today.

Lebanon’s Sawt Beirut International radio station, which is affiliated with political groups opposed to Hezbollah, quoted sources who are “close” to Hezbollah as saying Monday that Nasrallah was recently diagnosed with cancer and that his condition was deteriorating. According to the report, Nasrallah, 52, traveled to Tehran on a private plane sent by the Iranian presidency.

A Jordanian news website reported Monday that Nasrallah may have been injured during the shelling of Hezbollah positions this week by the Free Syrian Army.

Nasrallah’s last appeared 10 days ago when he delivered a televised speech to mark the annual “Shahid Day.”


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  2. May it be a slow and painful illness. Sorry he is killer of yidden and that how I feel Let this be the start of a new trend

  3. Its amazing when you hear of a Hezbollah person with cancer. After all, they all live by the sword. I thought they would die by the sword.

  4. Wonderful, but the joy should be shortlived as there are probably 10 people waiting to take his place, and also more extreme then him as well.

    I prefer to watch these guys get hit by bullets or through some cool poison/car bomb.


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